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Which Congress Members Are Supporting The Starbucks Workers Union?

See if your member of Congress is supporting Starbucks workers in their effort to unionize.

Starbucks Union AOC

We reached out to every member of Congress who represents a district or state where Starbucks workers are fighting to unionize. For a complete list of Starbucks locations who have filed with the NLRB or announced their intention to form a union, see More Perfect Union’s map and election database.

Please help us track the latest developments — send updates and new statements to [email protected].


Sen. Kyrsten SinemaDNo response.
Sen. Mark KellyDNo response.
Rep. Andy BiggsRNo response.


Sen. Diane FeinsteinDNo response.
Sen. Alex PadillaDNo response.
Rep. Jimmy PanettaDNo response.
Rep. Brad ShermanDNo response.
Rep. Tom McClintockRNo response.


Sen. Michael BennetDNo response.
Sen. John HickenlooperDNo response.
Rep. Diana DeGetteDNo response.
Rep. Joe NeguseDThank you Congressman Joe Neguse for standing in solidarity with Starbucks partners in Superior CO! You’re a true ally. Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board 2/28/22


Sen. Marco RubioR
Sen. Rick ScottRNo response.
Rep. Neal DunnRNo response.
Rep. Mario Diaz-BalartRNo response.
Rep. John RutherfordRNo response.


Sen. Jon OssoffDNo response.
Sen. Raphael WarnockDNo response.
Rep. Nikema WilliamsDOne caramel macchiato for Union Yes! The perfect pick me up #ForThePeople.☕ Proud to support Starbucks workers in their right to unionize. As a co-sponsor of the #PROAct, I know it’s past time to protect that right for workers across the country. 2/23/22


Sen. Brian SchatzDNo response.
Sen. Mazie HironoDNo response.
Rep. Ed CaseDNo response.


Sen. Dick DurbinDNo response.
Sen. Tammy DuckworthDEvery worker deserves to have a say in the terms of their employment. Union workers lift up our entire labor force. They support unionized and nonunionized families alike. I’ve stood by Illinois workers in the past and I am in solidarity with these Starbucks workers now. I fully support those who are seeking a union. 2/28/22
Rep. Chuy GarcíaDGlad to see another Chicago @Starbucks, now in my district join @SBWorkersUnited in solidarity to seek union representation, and better working conditions. I stand by you, and will be stopping by soon, to stand with you in solidarity. #1u 1/8/22
Rep. Jan SchakowskyDWhen I ordered my Americano at Starbucks, I gave the name “Union Strong.” It was great to stop by and see the employees who are getting ready to unionize. The company recently reported record profits. When does that make its way to workers creating that profit. #UnionStrong 1/16/22
Rep. Marie NewmanDI was so proud to join Starbucks workers in Downtown La Grange this morning as they announced their workplace is unionizing. Keep fighting! 1/14/22
Rep. Sean CastenDEvery worker deserves the right to form a union and bargain collectively for better wages free from fear of retaliation. I’m proud to stand with the workers of Starbucks as they organize across this country and in my district. Congress must pass the PRO Act to protect workers against union-busting tactics. I was proud to co-sponsor and vote for this piece of legislation out of the House, and I urge my Senate colleagues to pass it into law. 3/11/22


Sen. Jerry MoranRNo response.
Sen. Roger MarshallRNo response.
Rep. Sharice DavidsDNo response.


Sen. Mitch McConnellRNo response.
Sen. Rand PaulRNo response.
Rep. John YarmuthDNo response.


Sen. Ben CardinDI welcome and encourage the collective bargaining efforts in Baltimore and elsewhere. Unions gave us the middle class. They promote economic opportunity and build worker power, helping workers to win pay increases, better benefits, and safer working conditions.

The non-partisan, non-profit Economic Policy Institute has documented how high unionization levels benefit workers and their families and their communities. According to EPI research, there is a strong correlation between higher levels of unionization in states and a range of economic, personal, and democratic well-being measures. For instance, the 17 states with the highest union densities: have state minimum wages that are, on average, 19 percent higher than the national average and 40 percent higher than those in low-union-density states; and have median annual incomes $6,000 higher than the national average. 1/16/22
Sen. Chris Van HollenDNo response.
Rep. Kweisi MfumeDNo response.
Rep. John SarbanesDNo response.


Sen. Ed MarkeyDThere is something very powerful brewing in Boston as Starbucks workers find their strength in solidarity and move to unionize. It is inspiring to witness. These workers are right to organize for their rights and they have my proud support. 12/16/21
Sen. Elizabeth WarrenDCongratulations to @SBWorkersUnited for becoming the first Starbucks workers in the U.S. to unionize! When workers fight, workers win. I’m fighting for the Senate to pass the #PROAct so we can protect & strengthen workers’ right to organize. 12/9/21
Rep. Ayanna PressleyDSolidarity with @SBWorkersUnited in Massachusetts and across the country. Unions are fundamental to the fight for racial, economic, and social justice, & every worker deserves the right to join. 2/25/22
Rep. Katherine ClarkDEvery worker deserves the right to unionize. From Starbucks to Capitol Hill, I support collective bargaining efforts that empower workers and help us build a stronger, more just economy. Standing with you, #Watertown & every worker organizing for justice! 3/23/22
Rep. Jake AuchinclossDNo response.


Sen. Debbie StabenowDNo response.
Sen. Gary PetersDNo response.
Rep. Andy LevinDThere’s power in a union. This is beautiful to see — congratulations, @SBWorkersUnited. #Solidarity. 12/9/21
Rep. Debbie DingellDNo response.
Rep. Dan KildeeDNo response.
Rep. Elissa SlotkinDNo response.


Sen. Amy KlobucharDAs the granddaughter of an iron ore miner and the daughter of a union teacher and a union
newspaperman, Senator Klobuchar knows that unions give Americans and their families the
opportunities they need to succeed. The Senator supports the rights of workers to unionize and
advocate for fairer conditions. Sen. Klobuchar’s Spokesperson 3/1/22
Sen. Tina SmithDNo response.
Rep. Betty McCollumDProud to support Saint Paul Starbucks baristas exercising their right to organize for fair pay, safe workplace conditions, and benefits. #ToBeAPartner 2/15/22
Rep. Ilhan OmarDWonderful news. I hope to see dozens – hundreds! – of workplaces moving to unionize. And we’ll be there at their side every step of the way. A message to Starbucks, Amazon, and every employer trying to keep workers poor & divided: you’re losing. Solidarity forever. 12/10/21


Sen. Roger WickerRNo response.
Sen. Cindy Hyde-SmithRNo response.
Rep. Trent KellyRNo response.


Sen. Roy BluntRNo response.
Sen. Josh HawleyRNo response.
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver IIDNo response.

New Jersey

Sen. Bob MenendezDNo response.
Sen. Cory BookerDNo response.
Rep. Bonnie Watson ColemanDThe Congresswoman supports the rights of all workers to unionize without interference or intimidation from bosses and management. We’re aware that our local Starbucks in Hopewell has filed with the NLRB. Several of our staffers frequent that Starbucks location regularly. The Congresswoman wants to ensure that the workers are able to take part in their election without interference and hopes management will respect the Starbucks Partners without interfering. Rep. Watson Coleman’s Spokesperson 2/17/22

New York

Sen. Chuck SchumerDI picked up a coffee for @SBWorkersUnited this morning. New York workers started the labor movement and they’re still committed to seeing it through. Say “YES!” to UNION coffee. 9/13/21
Sen. Kirsten GillibrandDI met with workers from @SBWorkersUnited to hear their stories, show my support, and talk about why we need to pass the #PROAct to put an end to union-busting tactics. 11/22/21
Rep. Brian HigginsDEvery social justice movement in America has started from the ground up, from a handful of people who stepped forward to demand change. It took incredible courage for Western New York Starbucks workers to speak out, forge ahead with organizing amid enormous corporate pressures, and fight to be heard. Today, thanks to this incredible effort, Starbucks workers, known in the company as ‘partners’ will now be known as union brothers and sisters. Buffalo and Western New York is a community that respects hard work and people who roll up their sleeves and get things done. There is no better place for this movement to begin. 12/9/21
Rep. Tom ReedRNo response.
Rep. Joe MorelleDNo response.
Rep. Thomas SuozziDStarbucks workers must be permitted to unionize, as should every working man and woman in America. Wages, health insurance and a secure retirement are the key to the American Dream. 2/28/22
Rep. Nicole MalliotakisRNo response.
Rep. Carolyn MaloneyDI’m a firm supporter of workers’ right to unionize because unions benefit all of us. The same goes for Starbucks workers. And as a cosponsor of the PRO Act, I believe in further protecting workers’ rights to negotiate for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. America’s workers are our greatest asset and they built this country – I will always stand with them. 3/2/22
Rep. Andrew GarbarinoRNo response.

North Carolina

Sen. Richard BurrRNo response.
Sen. Thom TillisRNo response.
Rep. Deborah RossDNo response.


Sen. Sherrod BrownDThese Ohioans are doing what generations of workers have done in our state – banding together to advocate for themselves and have a voice on the job. All work has dignity – whether you punch a clock or swipe a badge, or you make coffee. You don’t have to wear a hard hat to start a union. There’s no reason a job at Starbucks should come with fewer rights and less of a career path than a manufacturing job,” said Brown. “Starbucks tries very hard to project an image of corporate responsibility – if they want to live up to their PR campaigns, they will allow their workers to organize. 2/14/22
Sen. Rob PortmanR
Rep. Shontel BrownDI usually take my coffee with cream and 2 sugars, but today I’ll take it #UnionStrong. Standing in solidarity with the Starbucks workers organizing across Cleveland. 2/18/22


Sen. Jim InhofeRNo response.
Sen. James LankfordR
Rep. Stephanie BiceRNo response.


Sen. Ron WydenDNo response.
Sen. Jeff MerkleyDSolidarity with the Starbucks workers in Oregon filing for union membership for better working conditions and a livable wage. I’ll continue to fight for the #PROAct to make it easier for everyone to organize at work. 2/2/22
Rep. Suzanne BonamiciDUnions give workers a voice in the decisions that directly affect them. It’s exciting to see Starbucks workers in Oregon and around the country moving toward forming a union! 2/3/22
Rep. Peter DeFazioDWith corporate profits at record levels and CEO and executive pay in the stratosphere, it is long past time for working Americans to get a pay raise and decent benefits. I strongly support the efforts of Starbucks workers in Eugene and elsewhere to organize free of corporate interference. — 2/28/22


Sen. Bob CaseyDNo response.
Sen. Pat ToomeyRNo response.
Rep. Dwight EvansDConsistent with my support for the House-passed #PROAct (which the Senate should pass!), I am proud to co-sponsor this legislation AND to support the right of private-sector workers like #Philly Starbucks employees to organize! — 2/9/22
Rep. Mike DoyleDNo response.

South Carolina

Sen. Lindsey GrahamRNo response.
Sen. Tim ScottRNo response.
Rep. William TimmonsRNo response.


Sen. Marsha BlackburnRNo response.
Sen. Bill HagertyRNo response.
Rep. Steve CohenDStarbucks corporate executives are sipping on fresh venti cappuccinos while their employees have yesterday’s lukewarm brew. I stand in solidarity with unionizing Starbucks employees and affirm the right of all workers to organize without fear of retaliation. 2/10/22
Rep. Tim BurchettRNo response.


Sen. John CornynRNo response.
Sen. Ted CruzRNo response.
Rep. Joaquin CastroDCongressman Castro strongly supports the rights of all workers to unionize and collectively bargain for better wages and working conditions.— Rep. Castro’s Spokesperson 2/25/22


Sen. Mark WarnerDNo response.
Sen. Tim KaineDEvery worker deserves to be safe and heard. — 2/23/22, during a visit with unionizing Starbucks workers
Rep. A. Donald McEachinDNo response.
Rep. Ben ClineRNo response.
Rep. Abigail SpanbergerDNo response.
Rep. Bob GoodRNo response.
Rep. Jennifer WextonDNo response.
Rep. Gerald ConnollyDThe right to join a union is vital to American workers. It is the backbone of the American middle class. Starbucks workers in VA-11, and across the country, have my full support as they fight to have a voice in their own workplace. — 3/11/22


Sen. Patty MurrayDThis pandemic has made it clearer than ever that workers are the backbone of our economy. They deserve their fair share of the economic growth they help drive, and unions help them join together with a powerful voice to demand better. As the lead sponsor of the PRO Act in the Senate, I’m fighting to make sure every single worker who wants to can exercise their right to join together and bargain collectively for better pay, quality health care, and a safe workplace—and that absolutely includes Starbucks workers in Washington state. — 2/18/22
Sen. Maria CantwellDNo response.
Rep. Pramila JayapalDDespite soaring profits, Starbucks is raising prices AGAIN. We can’t accept this level of corporate greed as the status quo. Tax the rich and make sure every single worker in America can join a union. — 2/2/22
Rep. Rick LarsenDNo response.


Sen. Tammy BaldwinDNo response.
Sen. Ron JohnsonRNo response.
Rep. Ron KindDNo response.
Rep. Mark PocanDI’m just extremely impressed by the organizers. This is taking on the 14th largest employer in the United States, 9,000 stores, with a winning record of six out of seven [in union votes so far]. You can’t ask for much more. — 3/19/22

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