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TRACKER: Which Elected Officials Are Speaking Out For Autoworkers?

We're tracking which congressmembers are speaking up for striking workers. You can help.

UAW workers

Last updated 9/18/23 @ 12:55 p.m. ET

The United Auto Workers are negotiating new labor contracts with the Big 3 automakers — Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis — that will cover about 150,000 workers. Car companies have made billions in profits in recent years and rewarded their chief executives with 40% pay raises. Now autoworkers are demanding their fair share.

We’re asking every member of Congress and key presidential candidates for a public statement about the UAW contract dispute and will be tracking them below.

Here’s how the tracker is organized:

  • At the top, we’ve listed every member of Congress from states and congressional districts where UAW Big 3 workers are concentrated — Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, plus specific plant locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, and New York — whether or not they’ve made a statement.
  • Below those sections, we’ll include any other members of Congress or presidential candidates who have made statements about the UAW contract dispute.

Please help us complete our coverage — send updates and new statements to [email protected].

Big 3 UAW Hotspots

Location: Michigan

Sen. Debbie StabenowMID
Sen. Gary PetersMID“UAW members are building the best cars in the world in Michigan – they define what it means to be an American worker and they’re critical for the success of the auto industry and our economy as a whole. I come from a union family and continue to stand with UAW in support of workers’ rights to collectively bargain and fight for better wages and benefits. I’ve met with and been constantly in touch with UAW members, including UAW President Shawn Fain, and I’m hopeful they’ll reach an agreement with the auto manufacturers that gives workers fair wages, benefits, and safe working conditions.” — 9/11/23
Rep. Jack BergmanMIR
Rep. John MoolenaarMIR
Rep. Hillary ScholtenMID
Rep. Bill HuizengaMIR
Rep. Tim WalbergMIR
Rep. Debbie DingellMID
Rep. Elissa SlotkinMID“I stand with the men and women of the UAW who are doing the most American thing you can do: fighting to make sure a hard day’s work means a good life for you and your family. For the last two years, we’ve passed bills to incentivize American manufacturing and bring supply chains home from places like China. But the companies that benefit from these policies need to do right by the workers who make their success possible.

“I’m looking forward to joining our auto workers on the picket line this weekend. For Michigan’s sake, I hope the strike is short lived. As someone who used to negotiate international agreements, I know that no one should let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

“I hope the UAW and the Big Three continue to negotiate in good faith to reach a fair agreement as quickly as possible.” — 9/15/23
Rep. Daniel KildeeMID“I strongly support the rights of workers to collectively bargain for fair pay, job security, health care and retirement benefits. The modern-day labor movement was founded in my hometown of Flint, Michigan, and unions helped to build the middle class. In Congress, I’ve stood with union workers and fought to pass new laws to support and create union jobs in Michigan.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Lisa McClainMIR
Rep. John JamesMIR
Rep. Haley StevensMID“Unions didn’t just build the middle class. Unions didn’t just sustain the middle class. Unions are the middle class. I saw what UAW members sacrificed to keep the Big Three in business while serving as part of the Obama Administration’s auto rescue. Automakers recovered to make record profits, but workers’ wages are still stagnant. That’s not right. To ensure a just transition to the green economy and American competitiveness for generations to come, it is critical workers get dealt in as the electric vehicle market continues to grow. Workers deserve their fair share.” — 9/13/23
Rep. Rashida TlaibMID“150,000 UAW members are fighting for a fair contract, and I’ve got their back. I grew up in a union household so I have seen the power of the UAW. It’s time for the Big Three to do what’s right. Record profits should result in record contracts.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Shri ThanedarMID

Location: Indiana

Sen. Todd YoungINR
Sen. Mike BraunINR
Rep. Frank MrvanIND
Rep. Rudy YakymINR
Rep. Jim BanksINR
Rep. James BairdINR
Rep. Victoria SpartzINR
Rep. Greg PenceINR
Rep. André CarsonIND
Rep. Larry BucshonINR
Rep. Erin HouchinINR

Location: Ohio

Sen. Sherrod BrownOHD“Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) on Tuesday said ‘the Big Three have had their way way too often. … The autoworkers made major concessions a decade and a half ago and they haven’t been rewarded for those concessions.'” — 9/12/23
Sen. J.D. VanceOHR“Any resolution must account for that fact. I support the UAW’s demand for higher wages, but there is a 6,000-pound elephant in the room: the premature transition to electric vehicles. While EV supply chains are still heavily concentrated in China, the Biden administration sends billions to that industry every year. While most Americans want to drive a gas-powered car, the Biden administration pursues a policy explicitly designed to increase the cost of gas. They do this in the name of the environment but all they’re doing is enriching the dirtiest economy in the world at the expense of auto workers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

“I am among the most pro-labor Republicans in the US Senate. Most auto workers understand that Biden policies are destroying the American car industry, and this moment presents an opportunity for UAW leadership to change course.

“UAW leadership encouraged their membership to vote for the most anti-car president in American history. They cannot now act shocked that Joe Biden is doing exactly as he promised.

“These policies lead to an inevitable place: lower wages for auto workers and higher prices for drivers. It’s a lose-lose proposition.

“We must recognize that the wages of American auto workers depend on the strength of the American auto industry. Every time Biden subsidizes an EV component made in China, every time his administration drives up the price of gasoline there is an American auto worker who loses bargaining power and an American family who loses their access to a middle-class life.

“There is no long-term solution to this crisis until we stop Biden’s war on American cars. And that won’t happen until the UAW leadership realizes what membership understood years ago: Joe Biden is no friend to the American auto worker or the consumers who depend on their craftsmanship.” — 9/13/23
Rep. Greg LandsmanOHD
Rep. Brad WenstrupOHR
Rep. Joyce BeattyOHD
Rep. Jim JordanOHR
Rep. Robert LattaOHR
Rep. Bill JohnsonOHR
Rep. Max MillerOHR
Rep. Warren DavidsonOHR
Rep. Marcy KapturOHD“As the United Auto Workers contract deadline approaches, it must be heard loud and clear that we stand with our NW Ohio auto workers and I support their efforts to fight for a fair deal,” said Congresswoman Kaptur. “The auto industry is the backbone of our regional economy, and our workers deserve fair pay, quality healthcare benefits, and safety on the job. When unions unite, workers win, we are in solidarity with UAW Region 2B.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Michael TurnerOHR
Rep. Shontel BrownOHD
Rep. Troy BaldersonOHR
Rep. Emilia SykesOHD“I stand in solidarity with members of the UAW, especially my fellow Ohioans who are actively exercising their right to collectively bargain. Ohio has deep ties to auto manufacturing, and the industry helped build our state’s middle class. These workers who we’ve relied upon to travel within our neighborhoods and across the country should be treated fairly. I urge all sides to come to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair deal that respects the dignity of these workers and provides the pay and conditions they deserve.” — 9/12/23
Rep. David JoyceOHR
Rep. Mike CareyOHR

Locations: Louisville, KY; Spring Hill, TN; Arlington, TX; Kansas City, MO; Chicago, IL; Buffalo, NY; Rochester, NY

Sen. Mitch McConnellKYR
Sen. Rand PaulKYR
Rep. Morgan McGarveyKYD“I stand with UAW workers fighting for a fair contract. Fortunately, Ford made billions last year, and there’s more than enough to make sure every worker earns a good and fair wage. I’m hopeful both parties can come to an agreement that helps working people in Louisville, across our country, and keeps our economy moving forward.” — 9/12/23
Sen. Marsha BlackburnTNR
Sen. Bill HagertyTNR
Rep. Andrew OglesTNR
Rep. Mark E. GreenTNR
Sen. John CornynTXR
Sen. Ted CruzTXR
Rep. Roger WilliamsTXR
Rep. Colin AllredTXD“As a former union member, I know firsthand how important a strong collective bargaining agreement is – for both the workers and their employer. I’m a strong supporter of UAW, and I hope the auto companies can come to an agreement that works for all the parties involved and helps grow our economy in this vital sector of auto manufacturing.” — 9/11/23
Rep. Jake EllzeyTXR
Rep. Jasmine CrockettTXD“Unions are and have always been the backbone of the American labor movement, and have been behind every major achievement in worker rights and protections since our nation’s founding. That is as true today as it ever was, and I stand behind United Auto Workers in their negotiations to better the working conditions, buying power, and workforce training for the workers they represent. As demand for electric vehicles grows, it is imperative that we support workforce development in this evolving field so our auto workers have the tools they need to transfer their existing expertise into an increasingly-electric future.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Marc VeaseyTXD
Sen. Josh HawleyMOR“Auto workers deserve a raise – and they deserve to have their jobs protected from Joe Biden’s stupid climate mandates that are destroying the US auto industry and making China rich.” – 9/15/23
Sen. Eric SchmittMOR
Rep. Emanuel CleaverMOD
Sen. Richard DurbinILD“Since it was founded nearly 90 years ago, UAW has fought for—and won—victories that have helped to strengthen America’s working families. UAW has won better pay for its members, safer working conditions, employer-funded pensions, health insurance, educational benefits—and more. UAW helped to allow autoworkers and their families to buy homes, take vacations, send their children to college, and retire with dignity.

“But that legacy is in danger. Over the last 20 years, autoworkers have faced dozens of plant closures, lost jobs, wage cuts, and contract concessions. In 2009, UAW made major concessions in its contracts to help these same automakers receive government assistance. This included job security provisions, cost-of-living adjustments, and financing for retiree health care… [Since then,] automakers have reaped billions in profits. But these benefits have not been passed down to workers, and UAW members have seen their wages and standards of living suffer.” — 9/12/23
Sen. Tammy DuckworthILD“I hope all parties come to an agreement soon. I’ll always defend workers exercising their right to collectively bargain and advocate for better pay, benefits and working conditions. As we continue to ensure that America and Illinois’s innovative companies are leaders in the electric vehicle industry, we can also help create a future that includes jobs with a living wage, a growing economy and addresses climate change.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Robin KellyILD
Sen. Chuck SchumerNYD
Sen. Kirsten GillibrandNYD
Rep. Brian HigginsNYD“Autoworkers have historically weathered the storm to support the automotive industry through the Great Recession and economic hardship. My community of Western New York is home to more than 4,300 UAW members charging operations at Ford Woodlawn Stamping Plant and GM Tonawanda and Lockport. As the September 14th deadline looms, it is time for negotiators to come to the table with a contract that ensures a secure future for the workers driving the company’s success. I stand with UAW in Western New York and beyond and support a contract that rewards hard work and recognizes the critical role autoworkers play in supporting a strong U.S. automotive industry for years to come.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Joseph MorelleNYD


For readability, the table below only lists officials who have responded to our request for statements about the UAW strike.

Rep. Paul GosarAZR“The UAW workers are suffering from a massive loss in buying power and wage decline. This is due to the Biden-created inflation crisis that has created the worst economy in generations.

For this reason, the UAW is seeking a massive 46% raise over 4 years. It should be rejected. The UAW endorsed Biden in 2020. They union got the policies they wanted. This failed economy rests squarely on UAW’s political choice and the union betrayed its own workers.

As a right-to-work state, I encourage and welcome all companies and employees to relocate to Arizona, where the wages are great, there are no forced dues, union membership is not mandated, and the economic prospects are endless.” — 9/11/23
Sen. Alex PadillaCAD“Our auto workers are the backbone of our auto industry, and I’m proud to stand behind them as they fight for better wages and benefits. I urge the automakers, who have posted record profits in recent years, to negotiate a fair deal that addresses the workers’ concerns.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Nancy PelosiCAD“The middle class is the backbone of our Democracy, and the middle class has a union label on it. The United Auto Workers built the Big Three into dynamic, leading automakers that are making record profits – and it’s time for workers to share in the profits. I am proud to stand with UAW as they fight for a hard-earned pay raise, especially respecting new workers, as well as better working conditions and the job security that they deserve.

“Time and again, Democrats have delivered for America’s auto industry, with every intention of uplifting autoworkers: rescuing the industry after the financial crisis and ensuring America leads the way in the transition to electric vehicles. Now, the Big Three have the means and the opportunity to invest in their workers, who are central to ensuring American leadership in the clean energy future.

“America’s hopes are riding on our autoworkers. It is my hope that UAW and the Big Three will reach agreement on a fair contract as soon as possible.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Kevin MullinCAD“Unions are critical to rebuilding the middle class and reversing the impacts of increasing income inequality. Having been raised in a union family myself, I know the positive impact that unions have on working families. The United Auto Workers, like any union, are utilizing their right to bargain to demand better pay and benefits for their hard work. I’m hopeful both sides can come to an agreement. At the federal level, I’m committed to empowering workers and safeguarding the right to organize with legislation like the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Ro KhannaCAD“Battery workers need to be paid the same amount as U.A.W. workers at the current Big Three,” said Representative Ro Khanna, a Democrat from California who has promoted government investments in new technologies. It’s how we contrast with Trump: We’re for creating good-paying manufacturing jobs across the Midwest.” — 9/13/23
Rep. Mark TakanoCAD“America is strong when unions are strong. It appears auto makers have forgotten how both their success and profit are inextricably tied to the satisfaction and retention of union workers. The best way executives can thank their workers for high productivity and revenue is to meet the demands of UAW in ensuring fair wages, a four-day workweek, and enhanced job security — anything less is lip service.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Linda SánchezCAD“After years of American automaker executives raking in record profits, UAW workers are asking for what they deserve: fair pay, job security, and respect in the workplace.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Anna EshooCAD“Throughout my service in Congress, I’ve consistently supported the right of workers to collectively bargain for higher wages, better benefits, and safer working conditions. It is my hope that the ‘Big Three’ Automakers and the United Auto Workers (UAW) will negotiate in good faith and reach an agreement that supports workers and their families.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Sydney Kamlager-DoveCAD“As the deadline to reach an agreement between United Auto Workers and the Big Three nears, I stand with the rights of the UAW to collectively bargain for the pay and benefits they deserve. Profits for auto-executives should mean gains for our auto workers. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, we are heading toward a future of electric vehicles, and it is imperative that the workers behind the production of EVs are invested in and benefit from the promise of a clean energy economy.” — 9/14/23
Rep. Judy ChuCAD“I stand with the workers of UAW and unions across the county who are exercising their rights to collectively bargain and ensure workers are fairly compensated.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Mark DeSaulnierCAD“The auto industry is one of the oldest employers in the United States and has benefitted from having dedicated workers who have helped advance innovation and safety. It is in the best interest of American consumers, the workforce, and automakers to come to a fair agreement in a timely manner. This workforce is key to the future of American auto manufacturing, especially as we transition to electric vehicles.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Mike LevinCAD“I’m following the contract negotiations between the United Auto Workers and the auto manufacturers, and I urge the parties to negotiate in good faith to deliver the benefits and compensation the workers deserve.” — 9/12/23
Sen. Chris MurphyCTD“When the auto industry was in freefall during the financial crisis, union workers made sacrifices to keep the industry afloat and, as a result, automakers have enjoyed a decade of record profits. Now, autoworkers are simply asking for a piece of the pie, and I’ll continue to support the UAW as they fight to ensure their members get the pay and the benefits they deserve.” — 9/12/23
Sen. Richard BlumenthalCTD“America’s autoworkers deserve a contract with fair wages and benefits. These workers are the backbone of the industry and the reason for the Big Three’s profits. The success of the companies, executives, and investors must be shared with its employees. I’m proud to stand with UAW members as they fight to support themselves and their families.” — 9/15/23
Rep. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormickFLD“Auto workers keep our country on the road.
Proud to stand with UAW as they lead the fight for the better pay, benefits and working conditions that workers deserve.” — 9/20/23
Rep. Debbie Wasserman SchultzFLD“United Auto Workers are key to revitalizing U.S. manufacturing, beating global rivals and mitigating climate change. I back UAW demands for fair wages & ending the tier system. I hope both sides reach a deal to ensure safe, high-quality jobs in our growing electric vehicle sector.” — 9/12/2
Rep. Eric SorensenILD“I stand with the United Auto Workers who play such a critical role in my District and throughout the nation as they negotiate a fair contract with auto industry employers. Workers built the American automotive industry, and workers coming together to bargain collectively built good, middle-class jobs that continue serving our nation’s automotive needs. As big corporations report record profits, it’s time for workers to be made whole for pulling our country through an auto industry bailout and a global pandemic.”— 9/12/23
Rep. Jonathan JacksonILD“Working men and women power this country. It is imperative that we support and strengthen their right to bargain for fair wages, benefits, and conditions. I am hopeful the big three automakers will act in good faith and UAW workers will negotiate the contracts they deserve.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Chellie PingreeMED“I stand in solidary with United Auto Workers and urge the negotiation of a contract that fairly supports workers. As America transitions to a clean energy economy, we must seize this win-win opportunity for workers and manufacturers alike to build a better future for the middle class and environment.” — 9/11/23
Sen. Chris Van HollenMDD“All workers deserve fair wages and benefits. I support UAW’s right to collectively bargain, and I urge the Big Three to work in good faith with UAW to ensure their workers get what they deserve.” — 9/12/23
Rep. John SarbanesMDD“High-quality, union jobs in the auto industry have historically provided a pathway to the middle class for hardworking Americans. I’m proud to stand with UAW as they fight for a fair contract that delivers the wages, benefits and protections they deserve.” — 9/15/23
Rep. David TroneMDD“As Americans, we cannot forget that in 2008 as our economy was collapsing, the UAW and its workers made unprecedented concessions to help keep American car manufacturers afloat. Their sacrifices helped save the American auto industry, and for nearly two decades they’ve been met with resistance at every turn when they’ve argued for fair pay and safer working conditions, all the while the companies they worked for reaped record profits.

“With American auto companies poised to lead a new generation of technological and industrial innovation, there has never been a more critical time to establish a new generation of protections for auto workers. For generations, the words “Made in America” have carried powerful meaning because of American workers’ sacrifices and contributions to drive our nation forward. I will continue to stand with the UAW and its workers, and fight to ensure that every American’s fundamental right to join together and bargain collectively is protected.” — 9/11/23
Sen. Elizabeth WarrenMAD“For years, the Big Three automakers have been raking in record profits and lining their executives’ pockets while keeping wages low and shuttering plant after plant, destroying livelihoods and entire communities. And now, when workers demand a fair wage, they refuse to come to the table. As contract negotiations continue, I’m calling on the Big Three to bargain in good faith, and I stand with the nearly 150,000 UAW workers fighting for the wages and benefits they deserve.” — 9/12/23
Sen. Ed MarkeyMAD“Union workers are the engine of our clean transportation future. UAW workers deserve a fair wage, a fair contract, and a fair shot at unionizing factories from automobile assembly to battery production.” — 9/11/23
Rep. Katherine ClarkMAD“At a time of great income inequality, unions across America’s industries are fighting to ensure that working families receive a fair share of the wealth they create. As UAW members fight for the dignity, wages, and economic security they deserve, I urge the Big Three automakers to quickly agree to a fair contract that honors their workers, cultivates safe, respectful workplaces, and helps lead the transition to a clean energy economy.

“House Democrats will always stand with our country’s labor movement and our mutual goal of growing the economy by growing the middle class.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Ayanna PressleyMAD“UAW workers are essential and they deserve a contract that recognizes the value of their labor and their humanity. I’m proud to stand in solidarity with them as they fight for job security & a just transition to a green economy.” — 9/11/23
Rep. Lori TrahanMAD“As the daughter of a union ironworker, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the good wages and strong benefits secured by my father’s union. When he left for days or weeks at a time for work, he did so knowing there’d be a roof over our family’s heads, food on the table, and health coverage if there was an emergency. That’s why I’ll always support workers’ right to collectively bargain for the compensation they deserve, and that’s especially true of the United Auto Workers members who are on the front lines of our manufacturing resurgence.” — 9/12/23
Sen. Amy KlobucharMNDSen. Klobuchar’s office forwarded a July letter to auto executives that she co-signed which reads in part:

“As you engage in contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW), we urge you to negotiate in good faith to reach a fair outcome by agreeing to fold workers at all joint venture electric vehicle battery facilities into the national UAW contract. UAW workers have made General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Stellantis the successful, innovative, and profitable companies they are today, and workers in the new electric vehicle sector will be critical to your future success. They must share in the benefits of a union contract.”
Rep. Betty McCollumMND“At a time of strong profits by automakers, I stand in solidarity with the United Auto Workers as they seek fair wages and benefits for their members. During the 2008 financial crisis, workers made concessions on their pay and benefits to ensure that U.S. automakers could survive. These workers deserve a contract negotiated in good faith that makes up for those past sacrifices and includes workplace protections, fair wages and benefits, and a plan for the transition to electric vehicles.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Ilhan OmarMND“Ford, GM and Stellantis made $250 billion in North American profits over the last 10 years. The 150,000 workers they employ deserve a share of those exorbitant profits.

Solidarity with the UAW workers who are leading the fight for better wages, health and retirement benefits!” — 9/11/23
Rep. Bennie ThompsonMSD“I support the UAW efforts to get fair wages and benefits. If a strike is the only method when negotiating has failed, I respect their right to strike.” — 9/15/23
Rep. Cori BushMOD“Standing in solidarity with the workers of UAW as they negotiate with the Big 3 for better wages and working conditions.

“When these corporations see record profits, their workers MUST see record wages.” — 9/13/23
Sen. Cory BookerNJD“My grandfather worked on an assembly line in Detroit, and fought for his fellow workers as a UAW union rep. He would be proud of the UAW members striking today. I stand with them & am confident they will achieve a deal that lifts up workers, their families, and their communities.” — 9/15/23
Sen. Bob MenendezNJD“During the Great Recession autoworkers made big financial sacrifices to save the Nation’s economy. Today, the Big 3 Automakers have the means to pay it forward and truly support their workers, ensuring that they can thrive and live with dignity.” — 9/13/23
Rep. Donald NorcrossNJD“As a lifelong union member, former business agent, and co-founder of the Congressional Labor Caucus, I’m hopeful that both sides can negotiate a contract in good faith and reach an agreement that allows workers to do their jobs safely with dignity and fair wages. These hardworking men and women keep our country going and it’s time to make sure their work is rewarded with fair pay, safe working conditions, and affordable health care. I hope to see a contract that translates the recent record profits for the Big 3 to workers, including for those at electric vehicle manufacturing facilities. I will continue to closely monitor these negotiations that affect more than 150,000 workers across the country.” — 9/11/23
Rep. Mikie SherrillNJD“It was my grandfather’s UAW job at General Motors that lifted his family out of poverty. Today, that same union is asking for a fair shake. I’ll always stand up for labor, fight for good paying jobs, and work to bring investments in manufacturing back to the US.” — 9/14/23
Rep. Bonnie Watson ColemanNJD“What we’re seeing right now is a rebirth of the American labor movement. Workers across the country and across sectors are recognizing their collective power and standing shoulder to shoulder with their fellow workers to demand their fair share. I’m a proud supporter of unions and collective bargaining power to ensure workers achieve fair pay, benefits, safety, and dignity at work. I expect both sides to negotiate in good faith with the hope that a fair contract can be achieved and a strike can be averted.” — 9/11/23
Rep. Daniel GoldmanNYD“As the U.S. makes the transition to a green economy, American labor MUST get their fair share of that movement, including electric vehicles.
That is why I stand with UAW in the fight for a fair contract that protects workers’ wages, benefits, and jobs today and in the future.” — 9/13/23
Rep. Nydia VelázquezNYD“I am proud to stand with the United Auto Workers as they fight for fair compensation and job security during the ongoing contract negotiations. The Big Three automakers have made hundreds of billions of dollars in profits over the past decade because of the labor of the 150,000 hourly workers who deserve to be treated fairly. I hope that both sides continue to negotiate in good faith, but the greed from these corporations must end and worker rights need to be fully recognized.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Marc MolinaroNYR“UAW workers deserve a strong contract that fairly accounts for their contributions to the American economy. There’s still time for both sides to negotiate in good-faith, avert a costly strike, and continue building on the progress we have made to protect good paying union jobs and drive the U.S. auto industry forward.” — 9/12/23
Sen. Jeff MerkleyORD“Ford, GM Motors, and Stellantis have made astronomical profits in the last few years. I stand with UAW
workers fighting for a strong contract to share in the success they’ve built.” — 9/12/23
Sen. John FettermanPAD“If the Big 3 can find money in the couch cushions to bump executive pay by 40% over the past few years, they sure as hell can find the money to give hard-earned raises to the people who actually build the cars and trucks Pennsylvanians drive.

“It is time for the Big 3 to come to the table in good faith and work with UAW to strike a fair deal. UAW is ready, but these companies are being completely unserious.” — 9/11/23
Rep. Summer LeePAD“ANY company that can afford 40% raises for CEOs already raking in millions can afford raises for their workers who make .00275 (less than half a percent) of their company’s top executives. These workers don’t threaten our economy, but the reality is that greedy CEOs do.

“The workers who power the big three American auto companies are fighting for a future where ALL workers benefit from the profits of their hard work and ingenuity currently hoarded by corporate CEOs.

“These CEOs are never going to move unless we the people join together in solidarity to move them. If the Big 3 car companies fail to meet UAW’s at the bargaining table by September 14th, and 8 million auto workers go on strike, I will be standing with them and look forward to every pro-labor member of Congress, PA elected, and President Biden joining with me.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Susan WildPAD“Auto workers deserve more than the short end of the stick. Billions in corporate profits should translate into gains for workers, and American auto workers have more than earned their fair share – it’s their tireless work that’s allowed the industry’s profits to boom. UAW deserves a fair contract, and I stand with all workers fighting for the wages and benefits they deserve.” — 9/11/23
Rep. Madeleine DeanPAD“We’re all excited about the new opportunities and benefits that come with technology like electric vehicles. But as we expand, we must ensure we’re investing in our workers as well. In this case, that means ensuring a just transition to more hybrid and electric vehicles – complete with job security and fair pay. And while I hope the United Auto Workers and GM, Ford, and Stellantis come together and find a fair deal, I respect and support the right of UAW to strike. Unions are the backbone of worker protections in our country, and I trust UAW to determine when a strike is appropriate.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Chris DeluzioPAD“Where I’m from in Western Pennsylvania, we know the destruction that out-of-control corporate power can wreck on communities.

“But we also know the power of workers standing together in a union, making life better for workers and customers alike. They are a critical backstop to corporations’ unending lust for
power and profit.

“It’s time for the Big Three auto companies to come to the table as good faith actors and strike a fair deal with their UAW workers.

“These companies have jacked up their executives’ pay year after year—so they have no excuse now to refuse a hard-earned pay raise for UAW workers.

“Remember, these are the people who toil to make the cars and trucks that folks in Western Pennsylvania drive and without their ‘brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn.’” — 9/12/23
Rep. Seth MagazinerRID“Every worker deserves to be fairly compensated for their labor, and that includes workers in the auto industry.” — 9/11/23
Rep. Greg CasarTXD“Record profits should equal record contracts! We should all be standing alongside workers at UAW, because their fight is our fight! It’s time for the big 3 automakers to strike a fair deal – restore cost of living adjustments & ensure equal pay for equal work!” — 9/13/23
Rep. Don BeyerVAD“I support workers and their collective bargaining rights which have proven essential to labor movements that helped build the middle class. It is my hope that labor and management will be able to come together and agree on an equitable contract without larger disruptions to the country. Recent dispute resolutions have shown that everyone benefits when both parties negotiate in good faith, and I hope that will prove true again with the UAW contract negotiations.” — 9/11/23
Sen. Bernie SandersVTI“The UAW members will be fighting not only for themselves but against a corporate culture of arrogance, cruelty and selfishness causing massive and unnecessary pain for the majority of working families throughout the country. Their fight against corporate greed is our fight. Their victory will resonate all across the economy, impact millions of workers from coast to coast and help create a more just and equitable economy… Enough is enough! Let us stand together to put an end to corporate greed and start rebuilding our struggling middle class. Let us stand in solidarity with the UAW and create an economy that works for all, not just the privileged few.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Becca BalintVTD“As a past member of UAW Local 2322, I know that unions make it possible for over 14 million Americans to get a foothold in the middle class. UAW members deserve fair living wages, safe conditions, and job security. The Big 3 makes billions in profit every year, with millions going straight in their CEO’s pockets. But autoworkers haven’t seen their fair share. It’s clear corporate greed is out of control and we’re all paying the price. Union workers should be able to make ends meet. Wealthy CEOs don’t need more money, but working people do.” — 9/14/23
Sen. Patty MurrayWAD“I strongly support the right of every worker to organize and bargain for the fair wages, benefits, and working conditions everyone deserves, including United Auto Workers. I’ve spent my career fighting for workers’ rights, and as the former chair of the Senate Labor Committee, I fought hard to confirm a historic pro-worker majority on the National Labor Relations Board. And I am still focused on supporting workers here in Congress—including by passing my PRO Act to protect every worker’s right to organize and fight for better pay, quality health care, a safer workplace, and a secure retirement.” — 9/11/23
Rep. Gwen MooreWID“My family was a union household, and the city of Milwaukee has proud union roots. Unions can provide a pathway to the middle-class and have helped make family-supporting careers possible for working people. I support every worker’s right to unionize and organize for fair pay and benefits.” — 9/12/23
Rep. Mark PocanWID“Over the last few years, American automakers have raked in record profits for their executives and shareholders, but many of their employees, the same ones who build these cars, have not shared in those profits. As a card-carrying union member myself, I proudly stand with UAW workers who are only asking for what they deserve – fair pay, job security, and respect on the job.” — 9/12/23

Presidential candidates

President Joe BidenD“As the Big Three auto companies and the United Auto Workers come together — one month before the expiration of their contract — to negotiate a new agreement, I want to be clear about where I stand. I’m asking all sides to work together to forge a fair agreement.” — 8/14/23
Donald TrumpR“No president has ever fought harder for autoworkers than President Trump. Time after time, I rescued the U.S. auto industry from certain destruction: withdrawing from TPP, overhauling the Korea deal to restore the protective tariff on pickup trucks, canceling Obama’s job-killing CAFE rules, and replacing NAFTA with the USMCA while insisting on unprecedented protections for American Labor, and American autoworkers in particular.

“If I had caved on ANY of those promises to workers, the U.S. auto-industry would right now be GONE. It would be DEAD.

“The best interests of American workers have always been my number one concern. That is why I strongly urge the U.A.W. to make the complete and total repeal of Joe Biden’s insane Electric Vehicle mandate their top, non-negotiable demand in any strike. If that disastrous Biden policy is allowed to stand, the U.S. auto industry will cease to exist, and all your jobs will be sent to China. That’s why there’s no such thing as a “fair transition” to all electric cars. For the American Autoworker, that’s a transition to Hell. Nothing is more important than terminating this job-crushing mandate.

“Crooked Joe has sold you out to appease the environmental extremists in his party. Do not surrender! Stand strong against Biden’s vicious attack on American Labor and American Autoworkers. And if you want more jobs, higher wages, and soaring pensions, vote for President Trump and have your leaders endorse me. If they don’t, drop out of the Union and start a new one that’s going to protect your interests right. I delivered for you before, and I will deliver for you again.” — 9/13/23
Gov. Ron DeSantisFLR
Mike PenceR
Nikki HaleyR
Sen. Tim ScottSCR
Gov. Doug BurgumNDR
Gov. Asa HutchinsonAR
Will HurdR
Chris ChristieR
Vivek RamaswamyR

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