Amazon Warehouse Workers Wage Historic Fight to Form First U.S. Union

More Perfect Union has been on the ground in Bessemer, Alabama, covering the effort to form the first union of Amazon warehouse workers in the U.S.

A Black women-led group of Amazon warehouse workers is on the verge of organizing the company's first U.S. union. If they win, it could reshape the lives of hundreds of thousands of Amazon workers.

Amazon Workers Share the Shocking Tactics the Company is Using to Stop Workers From Forming a Union

Amazon workers are exposing what's happening at the warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. They say Amazon is forcing them into anti-union meetings, texting them up to 5x daily, putting messages in bathrooms, and even changing traffic lights so organizers can't talk to them.

Amazon Warehouse Workers Reveal Brutal Working Conditions

Jeff Bezos says he's proud of working conditions at Amazon. Workers say they're surveilled, treated like robots, and forced to work in a grueling and unsafe environment. Warehouse workers in Alabama are organizing to demand change.

Here's How The Process of Voting in a Union Election Works

Kim Kelly is in Alabama with workers and RWDSU organizers to explain the process of forming a union and show what's happening behind the scenes.

Where Is Amazon's PR Chief Jay Carney?

Amazon’s PR chief Jay Carney spent years in the Obama White House praising workers’ collective bargaining rights. Now Black Amazon workers are trying to form a union in Alabama and he’s silent.

Supporting the Historic Amazon Union Vote

Major national figures including Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Stacey Abrams, and Danny Glover are speaking out to support the historic unionization campaign. Workers have until March 29 to vote by mail on whether to form Amazon's first U.S. union.

Amazon Is Running This Anti-Union Ad to Combat Organizing Efforts

More Perfect Union broke news that Amazon was running ads on Twitch urging their employees to vote against the union. Twitch removed the ads two days later, writing in a statement: “these ads should never have been allowed to run on our service.

Amazon Workers Thank President Biden For Supporting The Union

Amazon workers in Alabama respond to President Joe Biden, who on Sunday released one of the most pro-union statements ever made by a sitting president.

Cori Bush's Message to Jeff Bezos

Rep. Cori Bush has a message for Amazon's CEO: "How dare you, Jeff Bezos... These workers, most of whom look like me, deserve better.” Rep. Bush travelled to Bessemer, Alabama, to stand in solidarity with the warehouse workers voting to form Amazon's first U.S. union.

The Most Important Pro-Worker Bill In Decades

Rep. Andy Levin explains how the PRO Act would benefit the Amazon workers in Alabama who are trying to form a union.

Jamaal Bowman Stands With Unionizing Amazon Workers

Jamaal Bowman speaks in solidarity with the warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama, who are organizing to form the first Amazon union in the United States.

Amazon's Most Egregious Illegal Action

More Perfect Union released an important new video report about the ongoing unionization fight at an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. Our report highlights what is likely to be Amazon’s most egregious illegal action in its multi-pronged efforts to defeat the union.

Amazon Is Paying Public Police Who Harass Workers And Union Organizers

Bessemer's police chief has confirmed to More Perfect Union that his officers are providing "off duty security to Amazon." Union organizers at the Amazon warehouse in Alabama say they are routinely harassed by local police, and that officers have told them "they are there to keep an eye on us."

Rev. Dr. Barber: "This Is Our Economic Selma"

56 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. led thousands of protestors through the streets of Alabama to demand racial and economic justice. Now a Black-led group of Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama are carrying on that fight.

Bezos vs. Black Lives Matter

Amazon claims to support Black Lives Matter. But when the majority Black workforce at Amazon’s Alabama warehouse began to organize for better working conditions, the company met them with surveillance and police.

How Amazon Became A Corporate Goliath

Matthew Stoller explains how Amazon became a powerful corporate giant by exploiting special government benefits that ordinary Americans never receive.

Amazon Workers Face Sexual Harassment And Sexist Working Conditions

Amazon warehouse workers expose the sexist working conditions they deal with every day. Women are given impossibly short bathroom breaks, forced to choose between their families and jobs, and face routine sexual harassment. They voted union YES to change that.

Amazon Workers Rally For A Union

Amazon workers in Alabama have a message for Jeff Bezos: “There’s a lot more of us than they expect and we will not be silent anymore.”

When Will We Know Amazon Election Results

When will we find out the results of the Amazon union election? Counting mail-in ballots may take a week. And like the 2020 election, a billionaire could try to overturn the result if it doesn’t go his way. Kim Kelly sits down for an exclusive interview with RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum.

Amazon Workers In The United States vs. Europe

Many Amazon workers do have a union—in Europe. But not (yet) in the United States. Here's what conditions look like for unionized workers in Europe vs. for workers in the United States.